Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo

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It was during the final year of his life that this explore would earn a place in the history of the world, by being the first
European to sail the Western shore of North America. His ships sailed into Ensenada, Baja
California, Mexico on September 17th. The man now documented as an amaxing explore, Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo.

Years of Exploration

Sponsoring Country

Juan left Portugal on his adventure
His boat sailed toward the Gulf of California
South to Mexico
Where he died in battle

Impact on Natives
Cabrillo fought a war against the Aztec tribe
Both sides died rapidly


  • First to navigate coast of California
  • Conquered Mexico
  • Spread Ideas
  • Increased Trade
  • Drove Aztecs to near extinction
  • Cabrillo died from broken leg
  • Terrorized Natives

Lexi Crowder